10 Amazing Twitter Wallpapers for Your Desktop

Social media: you love to hate it or hate to love it. Either way you have to concede that it’s here to stay. It’s becoming a very important marketing component for a lot of businesses and individuals. However, we still want to have fun and keep things interesting when us.

Today I give you 10 amazing Twitter wallpapers for your desktop that shed some light on the meaningful, but more fun side of Social Media.


1. Tweet With Integrity – [1024 x 768]



2. Twitter News – [1280 x 800]


3. Twitter Wallpaper Follow Me – [1440 x 900]


4. Twitter Bird Typology – [1024 x 768]



5. For Twitt Lovers – [1280 x 900]


6. Classic Twitter Wallpaper – [1600 x 1200]



7. Twitter Acronyms – [1600×1200] [1680 x 1050] [1920×1200]



8. Twitter Wallpaper Follow Me #2 – [1280 x 1024]



9. Minimalistic Twittering – [1280 x 800]



10. Twitter is Not a Chat [1280 x 800]




  • Which wallpapers did you grab? Show off your new desktop with a screenshot link or Twitpic your desktop to @Corvida on Twitter.
  • Have any social media wallpapers you’d like us to know about? Leave a link in the comments!
Corvida Raven

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