App Development Request: The Web’s Opinion About One Topic

lightbulb I want to see every conversation happening around the world right now about one specific topic. ANY topic.

Notice I said conversation.  Twitter search nor the many other search tools accomplishes this for me. They’re just real-time people search engines.

FriendFeed comes close. For short conversations, it’s great. However, their way of threading conversations makes it a horrible experience to follow when the conversation draws on and many people chime in. It’s a little discouraging to look at (and I’m not trying to belittle FriendFeed).

I’d like to better track conversations around the web and I know a ton of geeks and soccer fans who are interested in doing the same. I’ve search and search but my search has been fruitless for a service that accomplishes my goal.

So to the developers around the web I ask: can start focusing on creating more of these tools rather than yet another Twitter client or twitter add-on for my site? And I don’t need to track conversations across the entire web at this point. That may take some time. Maybe just across social media sites and in the comments section of blogs. I want to be able to visit this service, type in a keyword, and instantly view threaded conversations only that are happening around my keyword (in real-time when possible).

Who’s interested?

Corvida Raven

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