Arrington Wants To Stroke Me, My Ego That Is

While she was not looking, I figured a little guest blogging by Corvida’s partner-in-crime, IdoNotes (and on Twitter) was required. So here I am.

Mainly when Michael Arrington offers to stroke my ego in a recent TechCrunch article.  The main point of his article was the following, and is the focus of my rant in return:

We need a Fake Follow on Twitter and a related Fake Subscribe on FriendFeed…. The entire point is to reduce the stress to reciprocate friendship unless you actually want to.


I really like watching what people have to say, if they say something important.  But the idea of following you in any manner if your content is not worthwhile to me personally, defeats the whole purpose.  I don’t follow the RSS of any person who reads my stream.  So what is with the pressure of returning a follow for Twitter and FriendFeed?  We are suddenly back in elementary school where you got upset if you did not get the most Valentine’s Day cards.

Michael says the system becomes unusable when you follow too many people.  Heck yes it does.  Amazingly worthless.  I honestly follow about 15% of those that follow me and 5% of those that don’t follow me.  Do I cry when I don’t get a return follow?  No, I do one better.  I have all notifications that I have been followed going stright to the trash and I don’t look (disclaimer: I had to for this article to get the percentages).  So the I have no clue or idea.  Right now I could have had not one single follower left.  Would that stop me from blasting out awesomesauce content on Twitter all day?  Nope.

So this whole plan of adding a feature to any of the services: micro-blogging, lifestreaming, aggregation, tuck-and-roll, etc is insane. If you are not family, a great freind or someone I owe tons of money too, you better darn well have good content a good percentage of the time.

Do I expect every person to only put out content all day and not have a personality? Nope, I expect the personality to help make all the content and commentary fun.  So I give the big veto to ego stroking someone with ‘fake’ follows.  Stroke them right.

Oh, you can stroke me all over the place.  Here, here, here, here, here, here and really here just for starters.