Blog Comments Aren’t Dead, But Your Activities May Be Keeping Them Away

chat Robert Scoble made a post a while back about blog comments being dead. Well, if you look at one of my recent posts, Apps & Why It Could Blow Twitter Away, I have 30 comments on it thus far on How’d my post go over on FriendFeed? Not very well actually. I didn’t get any like nor a single comment over on FriendFeed. I wouldn’t say my blog comments are dead at all, agree?

On the other hand, my Qik video response last night to Robert Scoble did very well over on FriendFeed. It did much better than my post about it on This made me wonder if activity on certain services made a difference as to how people interacted with my content.

FriendFeed Activity Making A Difference?

For example, yesterday I was really active on FriendFeed and I also posted a link to my Qik video response in the comments section of Scoble’s Qik video item on FriendFeed. This may have helped in keeping the discussion on FriendFeed and not on my blog. Still, I found it to be interesting how when I’m not very active on FriendFeed, my responses come to my blog. When I am more active on FriendFeed, my responses stay on FriendFeed sometimes.

As to why Scoble’s blog comments might be dead, I think it’s because most people are aware that he’s on FriendFeed 24/7 and it seems he’s more likely to respond there than on his blog. Therefore, I’d more likely comment on FriendFeed than his blog. He promotes FriendFeed so much that I’m surprised he isn’t just blogging on the service. I think most users will have this in mind when they want to reply to Scoble. He’s on FriendFeed more than anything else these days so why not just leave the comment on FriendFeed?

Should You Be More Active On Your Blog?

question You can if you have the time, but if you’ve already developed a reputation for being more active elsewhere that’s where your audience will likely respond to you the most. When I was a ton more active on Twitter I had the same response. Now, I think my audience sees me as being more active on my blog and responds more here.

On the other hand, that doesn’t mean stop being active in other places. Maybe you could make your feelings known like I have. In the end, I think that service activity can make a difference in how your audience responds to you.

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