An In-depth Look at iOS 7

In 2008, Apple changed the mobile industry with the iPhone and iOS, its mobile operating system. Over time, we’ve seen minor tweaks to the iPhone’s design, but not much about iOS has changed – until now. Here’s a look at Apple’s bold and colorful redesign of iOS that might be their best update yet.

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Why I Switched from iOS to Android

Last November, I switched from an iPhone to the Galaxy Note 2. The iPhone just doesn’t keep up with my needs anymore. After years of waiting for Apple to bring new innovations to the iPhone, I’ve watched Google and its partners slowly begin to edge past what Apple offers – and now I’m moving with them.

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Twitterrific 5 for iOS: Better Than Twitter, But Not Tweetbot

The Twitter app battleground has been relatively quiet thanks in part to API changes made by Twitter that’s affecting Twitter developers (and those to come). That’s not stopping long-time contender Twitterrific [iTunes] from breathing new life into their old app. Can this old bird learn new tricks? Keep reading to find out!

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Evernote 5 Gets A Disappointingly Dated Redesign

Evernote is on a roll making massive visual changes to its products and Evernote for iOS is the latest to receive a makeover. First it was Skitch 2, which didn’t impress everyone. Then a viral release of Evernote 5 for Mac Beta, pulled due to overwhelming demand. Now it’s their iOS app’s turn. Will the public hate […]

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