Have A GeekGasmic Christmas With The LG Chocolate Touch

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of LG Chocolate Touch. All opinions are 100% mine.

I recently received a LG Chocolate Touch to test out its music capability and sound quality. In case you didn’t know, I’m a huge music fanatic. MTV Jams is playing in the background on the family TV while I write this post and I never leave the house without my headphones. While I love my iPhone and the N900 loaner from Nokia for my music needs, I was impressed with the way LG Chocolate Touch handled a few of my favorite new tunes.


I have over 8GBs of music on my computer and the Chocolate Touch was able to load about a gig’s worth of music thanks to the SD card slot. No headphones were supplied so I tested the speaker system first. Pre-loaded with Ciara’s new single and personal additions like Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3, the LG Chocolate Touch produced some great sound quality from the speakers alone. I jammed and sang along with my younger brother for about 6 or 7 songs. The speakers were loud and clear without drowning out our voices or the rest of the room.


Headphones & FM Tuning

After listening to Ciara’s new single, I switched to a personal pair of headphones only to be further impressed. The LG Chocolate Touch actually sounded better than my iPhone! The native music player was very easy to navigate as was managing my music from the phone. The built-in FM Tuner was a nice change of pace for me while riding public transit where I frequently run into signal dead zones. Pandora’s no use on the train, but the LG Chocolate Touch’s built-in FM tuner worked without a hitch!


More Features

With a beautiful 3-inch display, 3.2MP camera with flash, and a nice compact size, carrying the LG Chocolate Touch was a refreshing change from my bulkier loves the iPhone and N900. This phone also features classic integrations with Twitter and Facebook through SMS. It was very surprised by this old school move, but something’s better than nothing.

The Verdict

All in all, the LG Chocolate Touch is the perfect gadget gift for any tech savvy family member who doesn’t need a ton of bells and whistles. It’s also great for younger siblings. Mine will definitely be enjoying this gift a little more come Christmas morning. What about you?

Corvida Raven

A natural pioneer at grasping the rapidly changing landscape of technology, Corvida Raven talks tech in plain English on SheGeeks.net.