FriendFeed: My Content Portal & Aggregator

I love social media. Within said field, Twitter would be my tool of choice for a lot of things. The conversations are great. The people are great. The community is excellent. The content is awesomesauce. However, there’s one service that has Twitter beat hands down when it comes to content & to some degree even conversation: Friendfeed.

The Content Portal of Interests

Social Networks My profile page streams all of my activity into Friendfeed. I organize it every now and again in order to keep duplicates and noise to a minimum. If you look over to your right, you’ll see my Friendfeed badge of honor. It displays all of the services that I’m importing into Friendfeed and my activity for the past week. I’m relatively active after nearly two months of being offline and I’m also participating in the communities of quite a few services.

I like to call this the content portal of interests. It’s all about me & my interests; my experiences, questions, answers, suggestions, and recommendations alongside the occasional comment from those that are following me. What am I getting at with this? My Friendfeed profile is an active account of all the content that I’m consuming. It’s an archive in its own way & one that I occasionally go back through to quickly and easily find content.

Content Aggregation

community My Friendfeed homepage consists of content from my Friendfeed friends and a few groups. You can think of this as the content aggregation page.

I could seriously live outside of Twitter, Google Reader, StumbleUpon, & Windows Live Writer by simply visiting my Friendfeed homepage. The people that share things with my in Google Reader are more than likely being followed by me. Steve Rubel is hailing it as the next great blogging platform. How could we disagree? Just about everything needed to make Friendfeed a blogging platform is already in place. Most people on Twitter are also on Friendfeed, and I can browse everyone else’s StumbleUpon archives, which are usually related to things that I would stumble.

Reducing The Noise

conversation All of these services cater to my interests, and so do the people that I follow on Friendfeed. They’re all probably just as active as I am on these services. This is an important reason as to why I don’t follow everyone back. Sure I could, but the noise level is just too extreme on Friendfeed. So much content is being shared and not enough filters are in place to reduce the noise.

Content Portal & Content Aggregator

Keeping all of this in mind, my stream is always relevant to my interests. There are many people to follow that share content relating to social media, mobile tech, and internet tech. I’m not going to list any, because plenty of lists already exist. Do a Google search. Occasionally the oddball link slips through, but that’s one of the reasons to use the ‘hide’ button. In essence, Friendfeed is not only a content portal, but a content aggregator. It’s a great place to find new content to consume and keep a record of the things that have been of interest to you.

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