I Smell Twubble!

twubble logo I first discovered Twubble  through an article written by the talented Cyndy Aleo-Carreira of Profy in an article entitled "Toluu and Twubble: Forget Searching and Look for Suggestions". The Twubble web service is the latest to join the already long list of Twitter web applications . Twubble allows you to find more people on Twitter by using an algorithm that scans your Twitter friends to find others that you may not be following that the majority of your friends are. Here’s a look at my Twubble list:

Corvida's Twubble List

I’ve been provided with a list of 20 more people to follow, though others have reported up to 60. As you can see, my friends are following quite a few high profile people that I happen to not be following, for various reasons.

This service isn’t very useful for those who are not into randomly following people. As I said, half of the people that were recommended to me, I’m not following for a reason. I hope to see a feature that will allow me to choose how many of my friends need to be following a person that is listed. I want to be able to exclude names that I know I’m, not going to follow and the option to shorten or lengthen the number of people listed.

Corvida Raven

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