Intwition – Another Twitter Link Tracker

intwition_logo Intwition is the latest Twitter link tracking web app to enter onto the scene created by IdeaShower.

What Can You Do?

  • Find whose twittering about your website (enter your domain in the search bar above)
  • View all tweets per page or per domain
  • Track up to the minute tweets with the RSS feed for your site



Intwition allows to see what others are tweeting right now, today, and historically. It also have a very nice section called ‘Reach’. Viewing the ‘Reach’ section can allow you to see the total number of potential Twitter users a link could reach and according to the site:

[Reach is] calculated by adding the number of followers of all those who posted the link.

The ‘New Item Finder’ section allows you to see some of the top links tweeted in the past hour. This is a fantastic view for finding up and coming stories! You can also enter in a url or domain to see who else has spread the link love. You’re greeted with three sections: general information, pages linked to, and "Most Tweeted By". Grab the RSS feed from this page to keep track of all links tweeted by said domain.


What Sets Intwition Apart

Intwition has a great user interface that’s easy on the eyes and informational from the moment you’re on the site.  However, their ‘Reach’ section will be a great addition to finding out more about what’s going on with your links. I highly recommend giving Intwition a try and spreading the word!

Corvida Raven

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