My Journey To Joining Mixx

mixx For the past week, I’ve been debating whether or not to join Mixx, a social bookmarking and news site similar to Digg. These sites take a lot of work and I don’t like joining sites that I don’t plan to participate in, otherwise, what’s the point? Thanks to Sarah Perez’s article "Why "Add To Mixx" is on My Site Now", for planting the seed that sparked the curiosity that started this journey. Here’s a look at how I came to my decision on whether or not to join Mixx.

No Digging For Me

thumbsdown Sure, my articles are sometimes "dugg" on Digg, but Digg doesn’t send me an immense amount of visitors and I’m well aware of the quirks involving Digg bringing a site visitors. However, with all the recent changes to Digg and the way it now operates, I have no desire to participate on Digg. It seems rather confusing and too much work just to help an article make it to the top.

About Other Alternatives

Question To be honest, all the other alternatives seem to be dominated by a handful of people or they simply don’t cater to the Social Media niche. I paid close attention to this because one of the reasons I wanted to join Mixx is because it catered to everyone and didn’t appear to be dominated by a handful of people. If you look at Sphinn’s homepage, you’ll see that 90% of the articles that make the front page are controlled by some of the same names. Where’s the fun in that?    

Researching Mixx Using StumbleUpon Web Service

Stumbleupon Before joining Mixx I decided to do some serious research. I wanted to know if it would be worth the effort. I need to know the pros and cons of the site and the overall atmosphere of the users of Mixx. I’ve only heard good things about Mixx users, so that was already a brownie point for Mixx. However, I decided to take it a step further and instead of asking or even "tweeting" on Twitter whether or not I should join, I figured I’d do the research myself using the StumbleUpon toolbar.

To find articles on Mixx that were "stumbled" by others, I used the ‘Search’ feature on the StumbleUpon toolbar. This is located in the ‘Channel’ section of the toolbar, where you would normally see ‘All’. Clicking on ‘All’ will open a drop-down menu, where you can find the ‘Search’ feature. Once you click ‘Search’ and small box will pop-up asking for your keyword(s). Here, I typed in ‘Mixx’ and proceeded to ‘stumble’.


linkriver There was a host of articles that I ran across. I used LinkRiver‘s ‘Save It For Later’ feature (see LinkRiver Is My Personal Techmeme for more) to conveniently bookmark all the articles that helped me come to my decision. Here’s a link to those articles:

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So Far So Good!

awesomesauceapproved After going through these articles, and bits and pieces of a few others, I was ready to commit to Mixx and I love it! I found a few of my friends who are already on there and have already begun submitting articles from yesterday and today. I’ve also joined a few groups that relate to the niches that I’m exploring and that I can be an active participant in. The atmosphere has been what I expected and what I’ve heard: smart, but reserved.

If you’re on Mixx, don’t hesitate to add me (Corvida On Mixx). You’re more than welcome to send an article my way. However, I’m warning you that I don’t do link exchanges.

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