Twitter App Spotlight: Seesmic for Windows


Last week Seesmic launched a new offering to its Twitter client lineup developed by Microsoft: Seesmic for Windows. Seesmic for Windows is designed to give Windows users (80% of Seesmic’s demographics) a more streamlined Twitter experience on their desktop.

Seesmic For Windows Experience

Seesmic for Windows does a great job of giving users the best of the latest Twitter features without crowding an impressive Windows streamlined UI. There are separate accessible tabs for your stream, accounts, and lists to help make the huge amount of Twitter info more digestible.


You can also set up different timelines related to each tab to easily find what you’re looking for when you need it most. Seesmic for Windows takes a different approach in this from TweetDeck, which causes you to scroll horizontally to access each timeline. Seesmic for Windows provides an excellent solution for scrolling annoyances.

Timeline options include the ability to rearrange, refresh, and clear each stream. However, the streams are updated automatically. Timeline update settings can be manually configured in the settings section. There are also a nice range of link shortening options in the settings for tweeting photos and links.


A New Winner?

Seesmic for Windows has now replaced TweetDeck as my default desktop Twitter client thanks to an impressive and manageable interface, alongside full-feature support for Twitter web features I’ve begun to rely on. I’m officially a fan. Great job Loic and team! Check out their videos of quick tips for Seesmic for Windows.

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