Straighten Up Photos with SKRWT for Android

SKRWT isn’t your typical photo editor. Instead of applying filters, it focuses on correcting common photography issues, from converging lines to lens distortion. Praised by the iPhone photography community, SKRWT‘s new Android app has big shoes to fill as “the missing link in high-end mobile photography.” So far, those shoes aren’t a perfect fit.


SKWRT Import
[Left to Right: Albums, Thumbnail View, EXIF Info]

SKRWT opens with several settings to optimize your workflow. From the import screen, you can hide and reorder image folders, sort images by date or size, and cycle through three thumbnail preview sizes. Tapping a thumbnail brings up a larger image preview, and tapping the preview reveals basic EXIF info (aperture, shutter speed, ISO).



After importing an image, a thin black bar of editing options appears at the bottom, similar to VSCO cam and Adobe Lightroom Mobile.

From perspective correction to custom grids to lens correction (mobile, wide angle, fisheye, & GoPro), there’s a modest variety of options to swipe through. Options are controlled by swiping a dial or tapping at either end of the dial for precise edits. You can accept changes by swiping left or cancel them by swiping right. You can even keep editing when zoomed in to perfect straight lines.

One of SKRWT’s most notable features is “merge”. Similar to combining layers in Photoshop, SKRWT merges edits to make room for more. There isn’t an undo option, but you can go back and readjust edits or reset images to their original state. I highly recommend enabling the auto-crop option to maintain the best image ration after every edit.


When you’re done editing, swipe left to save, share, replace the original image, or open your edited image in another app. You can also swipe right to quickly begin working on a new image.


Original Image
Edited with SKRWT

How does the final image look? Though the lines are straight, the image is blurry – far from “high-end”. At this point, I’d probably use Snapseed or Instagram to straighten the lines and avoid the blur.

Still, SKRWT tries hard to be the stuff you clean your face with before adding makeup, but for photos. It takes a different approach from most photo editors, but falls short of its hype. Hopefully the SKRWT team can improve that in the near future.

Corvida Raven

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