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Did Twitter Just Reset Your Business?

Update: Looks like everything’s back to normal. I advise going through your most recent followers to be sure. For more tips on sustaining your business when things go wrong on the web, continue reading. First I’d like to let you know that you can be calm if you see that you’re not following anyone on […]

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Beyond Filtering: How To Turn Down Noisy Networks

From Google Wave to Mozilla (the makers of Firefox) recently announcing Mozilla Raindrop, developers are looking to take all of your communication platforms and turn them into one centralized inbox stream. The future is heading towards a new inbox, full of emails, tweets, direct messages, Facebook updates and whatever else they can throw in the […]

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Community in the Cloud: Better or Worse?

This is a guest post by Grand Effect member David Peralty of College Crunch. If you enjoy this post, please be sure to give College Crunch a look when you’re done for more of his awesome work!          The social aspect of community is changing so rapidly, where we once had to seek people out […]

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Tech Opinion

The Future Of Email Is Safe

Alex Iskold has an insightful article on ReadWriteWeb asking “Is Email in Danger?”. I love the way he breaks down why email may be facing competition. Overall, it’s a must read if you’re a heavy email, Twitter, or forum user. Alex goes on to ask the following: “What do you think about the future of […]

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