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Because Robots Don’t Have Opinions…

People always email me and ask “why does social media take so much effort?” The answer is in the headline of this post. Opinions aren’t automated. They’re special. They emit emotions, speak of intelligence, and opens people’s mind to another perspective. They’re little bits of truth that people hold on to. And they require a […]

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Tech Opinion, Twitter

Is Twitter Changing Real Life Social Interactions?

Last week I had the pleasure of flying out to Portland for Ignite Portland 3. I had a fabulous time and met some really awesomesauce people including one of my biggest idols Marshall Kirkpatrick, fellow Grand Effect Network member and now team writer for ReadWriteWeb, Frederic of The Last Podcast, and a host of other […]

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Tech Opinion

Conversation Fragmentation: Bloggers Have Duties

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding conversation fragmentation, these are my thoughts on the duties that we as bloggers have to ensure that we give others their due respect. What is Conversation Fragmentation? Sarah Perez of both the Grand Effect blogging network and Read/WriteWeb wrote an article on her blog Sarah In Tampa entitled […]

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