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Say Hello To Your iPhone’s New Mail App: Sparrow

I rarely visit the Gmail website to check my mail. A beautiful desktop email client by the name of Sparrow is my default mail client on both my MacBook Air and iMac. Sparrow sports a gorgeous interface that’s packed with the best of Gmail and more. So, I’m absolutely thrilled to see  Sparrow for iPhone […]

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5 Quick Tips To Better Manage Your Inbox Right Now

You’ve probably tried tons of services or apps to help you manage your inbox. After all, you do have a life outside of the internet right? You want to get in and out of your inbox as quickly as possible. And you wish those emails would stop piling up. Here are 5 quick tips that […]

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Tech Opinion

The Future Of Email Is Safe

Alex Iskold has an insightful article on ReadWriteWeb asking “Is Email in Danger?”. I love the way he breaks down why email may be facing competition. Overall, it’s a must read if you’re a heavy email, Twitter, or forum user. Alex goes on to ask the following: “What do you think about the future of […]

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