Bookmark It For Later With ReadBag

readbag_icon ReadBag is a nifty web app for saving links for later with all sorts of neat goodies. To start using ReadBag, you’ll need a Google Account. If you already have one, simply log in and you’re ready to start.

Getting Started With ReadBag

The ReadBag UI is relatively simple, but nice. Users will appreciate the clean interface for their bookmarks and saves, compared to more popular services that may offer too much for some. When saving an item to ReadBag, you’ll receive a neat popup that allows you to add an optional comment to your link. Head to your ReadBag page to get a host of great options for your links. For each link, ReadBag provides you with notifications on which links have a note, and when a link was added. Hovering your mouse over any of your links will show your comments.


ReadBag Features

A ShareThis widget is integrated into the service so that you can share any of your links through various social networks, post links to your blog, or email a link to friends. Unfortunately, sending a link to Twitter isn’t an option.

If you happen to save a ton of links, ReadBag offers an archive option to move older links off of the main page for an easier way to find what you’re looking for. You can even have ReadBag automatically archive a link once you’ve clicked it and have a daily digest emailed to you at any time you specify.

readbag_offline Mobile interfaces of ReadBag are available for both standard mobile phones and the iPhone. Heading offline? ReadBag has you covered as long as you have Google Gears installed. With Google Gears, ReadBag can easily sync a text version of your links for offline viewing.

ReadBag Goodies

There are a variety of great goodies for you to "ReadBag It", or save an item into ReadBag. Grab the RSS feed of your links to keep your friends up-to-date or to add to any of the numerous lifestreaming services on the web. Head to the goodies section where you’ll find the ReadBag Firefox extension and a Greasemonkey script for Google Reader integration. If you’re not using Firefox, you can also drag the standard bookmarklet to your toolbar. Either way, all of these shortcuts work like a charm!


Awesomesauce Service

awesomesauceapproved Users that are looking for a simple way to keep their bookmarks without too many enhancements, ReadBag may do the trick. For those who love to tag and categories links to their hearts content, ReadBag does not have these features available (yet?). All in all, ReadBag is an awesomesauce and simple service that provides an easy and quick way to "save, read, and go".

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