bTittleTattle: A Friendfeed Desktop Application

sobees Sobees, a desktop application maker, has jumped on the Friendfeed API application bandwagon.

Today, they released their Friendfeed desktop application entitled "bTittleTattle". It’s a standalone app that is apart of their bSuite applications, but does not require a beta invite.


No Hassle Sign In

To sign into the app, all you need is your friendfeed login name (case-sensitive) and a friendfeed remote key. Be sure to adjust the update time meter at the bottom of the app. Once you’ve done this, the application loads about 6 items at a time.



To see comments and likes on an item, simply move your mouse over an item and a sidebar will slide out displaying the comments and likes for the item. You also have the option of making the font bigger and adding more space between each item, which will be necessary every time you enlarge the font. However, these settings do not apply to the comment and likes box.

A great feature that Sobees has incorporated is the ability to filter not only by service,but also by text and users! You can find all the search methods at the top of the application. Towards the bottom of the application are left and right arrows that allow you to cycle through pages of items.


Not only can you see comments, but you can reply back to an item and like an item by clicking on the speech bubble and smiley face right inside of Sobees. The application can also display youtube videos and images. And though you can see images in bTittleTattle, you cannot play a video via the application.

The application comes with 3 different color schemes you can choose from: the standard green scheme (pictured above), a white scheme, and a red scheme.


One Of A Kind

While bTittleTattle could definitely gain some ground while we all drool over Alert Thingy previews, I was more concerned with CPU usage. It turns out that it’s actually not hard on your memory, though I can’t say the same for the rest of the bSuite. All in all, it just might keep me from visiting the Friendfeed homepage so often.

bTittleTattle is built in WFP and runs on Windows Vista / XP. It requires .NET 3.5. It will be available as sobees module but we decided to also release it as standalone application, just like we did for bTweets.

bTweets is their Twitter desktop application.

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