Conversations with Corvida: See Your iPhone Battery Percentage

It’s amazing how many little things are hidden in our smartphones today. Previously, you knew were nearly every feature was because they only existed in the Settings menu.

In recent years the Settings menu has grown tremendously to accommodate the powerful capabilities of today’s smartphones.  Many new features and  functionality are being added rapidly and it’s hard to keep track. Sometimes you don’t realize which features exist on your phone. The iPhone Battery Percentage indicator is one of those features.

A brilliant geek and funny guy, Jay Cuthrell (@qthrul) admitting to taking a peek at my iPhone screen and asked my battery percentage indicator. Jat thought I’d jailbroken my iPhone to get the indicator to show. I told him that wasn’t true and it’s actually a native feature of the iPhone 4 and 3GS.

The battery percentage indicator wasn’t in the original iPhone or even in the iPhone 3G. However, it was introduced with the iPhone 3GS and has become a lifesaver on my iPhone 4. So, in this Conversation I showed Jay how to turn this setting on. Take a look at the video for instructions!

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