Conversations With Corvida @ SxSW Interactive 2011

My first Conversations with Corvida video, or at least the first I’m presenting to you today! At SxSW I ran into Demitria Lewis, who just purchased the new iPad 2.  I’ve been getting questions about whether the iPad 2 is worth the money and thought it would be great to find out why anyone would buy it. Take a look at what’ Demitria had to say about her new purchase.

Demetria will be putting her iPad 2 to work managing social media clients and accounts professionally. But what if you don’t work on social media? What if you worked in education or healthcare? What if you worked at McDonalds, could an iPad 2 make a difference?

On a personal note, Demitria’s will be watching Netflix from her iPad 2 the next time she’s at the gym. I could certainly see myself reading an ebook from the iPad 2 while working out.

What about you?

A huge thanks to my SxSW Sponsor Intel. Sponsorship went a long way in helping me to capture the amazing conversations that I’ll be showcasing this week. If you have a more visual lifestyle, you might also want to take a look that the photos and videos from the Intel Visual Life contest.

Stay tuned for more videos!

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