DJI OM 4 Review: A Magnetic Upgrade

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The DJI OM 4 is a handheld gimbal that makes it easier for everyday people to connect their phone and effortlessly create smooth videos. It’s miles ahead of a phone’s built-in stabilization feature. In fact, the OM 4 makes the most casual videos look professionally done. Here’s my review of the DJI OM 4.

OM 4 Design: Keeping It Simple

OM 4: What's Inside
In the box: carrying pouch, usb cable, various connectors for phones, instructions and alignment guide for pop-socket key ring, tripod attachment, OM 4

When folded, the OM 4 resembles a space gun from StarTrek. The arm of the gimbal folds into the grip for a portable design. However, I wouldn’t call it compact. The grip is thick and the gimbal has a decent amount of heft when holding it.

Unfolded, the OM 4 turns into a robotic arm holding your phone. Thanks to stronger motors, it can now support heavier phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and iPhone 11 Pro Max. If needed, there’s also support for counterweights at the head of the mount.

DJI makes the most of space on the OM 4 by giving buttons multiple actions. Within thumbs reach are two multi-function buttons, a circular joystick to move the gimbal, and charging indicators. On the back is a multi-function trigger button. The right side of the grip has a USB-A port and USB-C to charge the gimbal and your phone and the left side holds a zoom slider. Everything button is conveniently within reach of your thumb or index fingers. The bottom of the OM 4 is not flat enough to stand on its on. Thankfully, DJI includes a tripod stand in the OM4 packaging for hands-off video recording.

New Magnetic Connections

DJI OM 4 Magnetic Connectors

Aside from the name change, the biggest difference between the Osmo Mobile 3 and OM 4 is the new magnetic system to connect your phone. There are two magnetic options: a magnetic clamp and a pop-socket style ring holder. The thought of using magnets to secure my phone gave me a mild panic attack. However, my fears were quickly eased by the strength of the magnets. Your phone won’t be easily tossed or dropped as long as it’s firmly secured before powering on the OM 4.

I prefer the magnetic clamp because I switch phones a lot. The ring holder is better for those that would frequently use the OM 4 with a dedicated phone. If you use a thick phone case, be prepared to ditch it to use the new magnetic system.

New OM 4 Features: Dynamic Zoom, Clone Me, Spin Shot

To fully take advantage of what the OM 4 can do you have to use the DJI Mimo app. The app gives you access to staple DJI features like ActiveTrack, gesture controls, multiple Timelapse options, panoramas, and pre-made video templates. There are also a few new features to create even more dynamic shots.

Dynamic Zoom

Dynamic Zoom mimics the dolly zoom effect found on DJI’s Mavic 2 Zoom drone. It creates an optical illusion with the background as you move closer or further away from your subject. Unfortunately, the results look gimmicky and require a steady hand, which defeats the point of having an OM 4.

Clone Me

Clone Me is like taking a panorama selfie that you appear in 3 times. It takes 3 pictures across the span of an area, giving you 5 seconds to move between each frame and pose before the shutter goes off. Your imagination is the limit on the amount of creative and fun shots you can make in this mode. I hope that a future software update comes with more timer options between shots.

Spin Shot

Spin shot is a new gimbal mode that rotates your phone while recording videos. With spin mode, you simply hold the controller in the direction you want your phone to spin. Unless you have ridiculously steady hands, it would be hard to get a shot like this on your own.

The tricky part is getting a full rotation out of spin shot. The OM 4 can’t spin a full 360 degrees. If your phone isn’t correctly positioned before using Spin Shot, the gimbal will stop short as you reach its limit. Hopefully, DJI can also include a software update that makes this feature position your phone at the optimal point.

OM 4 Performance

DJI OM 4 with Google Pixel 5 smartphone attached

Creating smooth videos with the OM 4 is effortless and the results are better than your phone’s built-in camera stabilization. Features like ActiveTrack do a great job of following subjects and keeping them in the frame. Spin shot and Clone me add more ways to create interesting shots with little effort. Taking pictures is nice too, especially when using Clone Me or taking panoramas. However, this gimbal really shines at creating videos.

Sample Video

Battery life is rated for 15 hours. I didn’t shoot video for 15 hours straight, but I was able to get 4 days of heavy use before the battery died. After hours of recording, it’s also nice to use the battery to recharge your phone or maintain your battery level while recording.

Verdict: Christmas List Worthy

DJI OM 4 Handheld Gimbal

The biggest difference between last year’s OM 3 and this year’s OM 4 is the magnetic clamp system. The magnetic clamps make it easier to move between using the gimbal and using your phone to answer a call in the middle of recording. The level of flexibility is one many content creators and dedicated OM users can appreciate. If you have an OM 3 that you don’t use often, skip this upgrade.

The DJI OM 4 is a great accessory for any content creator or anyone who simply enjoys recording videos of moments to remember. It also won’t break the bank with a price tag of only $149. What do you think of the DJI OM 4? Comment below with your thoughts!

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