FriendFeed Adds "Rooms", Chaos To Ensue?

  FriendFeed is getting a lot of love today. Not only has Benjamin Golub, the creator of RSSmeme, developed an awesomesauce approved mobile replica of FriendFeed, but the FriendFeed devs have also released two great features. Today FriendFeed now has rooms.

Rooms and Resharing

Rooms are basically the FriendFeed name for groups. You’re welcome to invite others to a room regardless of who created the room and also filter by service in each room. A list of members is also provided in the sidebar along with who the administrator is (though no word if there can be more than 1 administrator). Even the FriendFeed bookmarklet has been updated to allow the sharing of items to groups also, along with a newly implemented "reshare" link for all items to be able to be reshared to groups directly from FriendFeed.


Possible Side Effects

secret While this is nice and I’m wholeheartedly going to enjoy watching what groups pop up, the pessimistic side of me wonders if this will play into the fact that we all have circles. The rooms are available to be either private or public. Will we see elite rooms start to pop up where only certain people are able to get access? Of course. While this isn’t against the rules one bit, I think we can all see where it could head to in the end. Gossip anyone?

Mashable on the other hand has a more positive and surprising outlook about the new Rooms feature. They compared it to Twine and feels that FriendFeed may be taking some steps towards semantic web. While it’s certainly not there yet, with a few other technologies implemented into Rooms it could definitely take a semantic turn. On the other hand, it’s far too dependent upon how users will use the Rooms. Will most of them take a semantic focus like Twine? I doubt it.

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