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FriendfeedWatch was recently started by the awesomesauce Steven Hodson of WinExtra in an attempt to "bring everything to do with FriendFeed to one handy place."Well, I’d call this attempt a success already because I’m religiously watching this site (subscribe to it here)! It’s being Awesomesauce Approved.

At FriendfeedWatch, you can find a host of news on not only FriendFeed site updates and changes, but also links and news to the multitude of FriendFeed applications that are being released!

Awesomesauce Approved By SheGeeks

LiveBlogList for Friendfeed

For example, through FriendfeedWatch, I found out about the LiveBlogList for FriendFeed web app. Through LiveBlogList, you can find other people who have also shared a particular item that you shared too. You’ll receive a list of links to profiles of "People That You Will Like" and "Posted Items You Will Like". All you have to do is type in a url and LiveBlogList will do the rest. I typed in my old domain url and got this:

LiveBlogList for FriendFeed

Maybe they should change that to "People I MIGHT Like". Do you notice anyone there who I won’t like? Obviously this needs a little more work, since I’m listed several times as someone that I may like. Even though it may not know it’s me, what’s the point in pointing me out so many times? Nevertheless, I did get some great article recommendations! This web app is also awesomesauce approved!


Save For Later In FriendFeed

I’ve also been informed of another script that has been released that allows you to bookmark a post on Friendfeed for later. Some wonderful things are being made for Friendfeed! Now go keep up with them at FriendfeedWatch!

Here’s the first in my series of "Awesomesauce Approved" sites and people to come! Congrats cranky old fart!

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