How The iPhone Helps My Work Become More Productive

iPhone Apps The iPhone is phenomenal! Yes, I said it. It’s one of the greatest innovations to ever come to a mobile device. I absolutely love it and quite frankly, I don’t want to live without it. Just about everything that I do online is some how, some way accessible via my iPhone. I check my mail, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and even my feeds via my iPhone a lot. I’m sure most iPhone owners do the same. However, this morning I realized that my iPhone has actually helped to make me more productive in my day-to-day routines. Here’s how!

Before The iPhone

I sleep next to my iPhone. You’re crazy if you own one and you don’t do the same. Before owning an iPhone I would normally roll over out of bed and head straight to my laptop to get to work. However, a lot of time was wasted because there were numerous tasks I would need to perform before really getting to the meat of my workload. Every blogger hates this.

Cutting Down On Extra Tasks

task list This is where the iPhone has drastically cut down how much time I spend doing certain things and even how much time I spend on my laptop. When I wake up, I grab my iPhone and check my mail. The iPhone has made it too easy to delete multiple items at once, respond to emails quickly, and even check a couple of messages on Facebook and Twitter all before even sitting up in bed. While doing all of this, I make mental notes of anything that I need to do on the laptop that couldn’t be done on the iPhone. I also add new tasks on my iPhone as I go along.

What does this mean? Well, I spend half as much time in my inbox (or at least it seems that way mentally). I also spend less time looking at the same service and open less tabs in Firefox throughout the day. Sounds pretty productive so far, right?  I thought so too.

Just The Beginnging…

So far, the flow of my day is a lot better after incorporating these routines with my iPhone in the morning. Now, when I open Firefox, I go directly to the “meat” of my work which consists of checking in on Google Reader, blogging, FriendFeed, & opening Twhirl to participate in conversations on Twitter. It also has me thinking of other things I can do to cut down on the how much time I spend on particular services and online in general.

question Are there other ways that you might be using your iPhone to cut down on tasks and make your day more productive? Share your tips and secrets in the comments section!

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