How To Edit Retweets in Tweetie 2

In the latest update for Tweetie 2, developer Loren Britcher has given Tweetie lovers the one feature they’ve anxiously waited for: Twitter lists. While the integration is just as basic as on the website, lists and group fanactics will joyously welcome the upgrade. What they may not welcome is support for the latest Twitter feature that has users in an uproar: Twitter’s new retweet platform.

The Loss Of Our Voice

Why does it have users complaining? Simple, it took away the community’s voice. While the retweet feature aims to extend credit to the original author of a particular tweet, it seems to do more bad than good. The majority of the Twitter community is sharing links that go straight to the original author’s website. So standards for crediting the original tweeter are relaxed because the author will get their share. Considering the limitations of tweeting overall, we want to give credit to our personal sources that led us to the author. Hence, retweeting who you found it from and if possible, the author too.

We used to have the option of adding our own thoughts as guidance. That’s no longer the case by default. It’s all about the credit now, not community. Since Tweetie 2 has also integrated the new retweet feature, mobile users are stuck with these conditions by default.  Repeat: you can no longer edit your retweets in the latest update for Tweetie 2. Here’s a way to get around it.

Keep Retweeting YOUR Way

It’s really simple. If you’ve explored the swipe shortcuts in Tweetie 2 then you’re aware of the options that appear when you select the reply arrow. Select the Quote option instead of Retweet and proceed to edit your tweet to your liking.

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