Is Firefox Falling Off The Bandwagon?

firefox After reading Walt Mossberg’s review of Firefox 3.5 (which I have yet to install), the only question that I was left with is: what the hell is up with Firefox these days?

Firefox used to be the browser to recommend! It was fast, not to mention the galore of add-ons and customizations you can download to enhance the browser. It was refreshing to delve into after coming from Internet Explorer regardless of what version number of IE was installed. However, after Firefox 2.0 was released my personal experience with Firefox started to go down-hill from there.

Firefox: The Bad & The Ugly

Firefox became the biggest memory hog in the world with the release of version 2.0. In addition to hogging a lot of resources it would move to crawling speeds after 2-3 hours of usage forcing me to restart it a lot. The same could be said for Google Chrome as far as being a memory hog. However, Google Chrome has never slowed down on me. Rarely do I restart it. In fact, I’ll leave it open for days on end. Hog all the memory you want, but performance needs to remain optimal! Otherwise, why the hell are you hogging all of my memory?

I’ve eliminated unnecessary add-ons, themes, uninstalled, reinstalled, and tweak every setting imaginable to receive optimal performance from Firefox. Then I thought, “why am I doing all of this just to open a couple of tabs without hindering my browsing experience?” That is not why I decided to make the switch to Firefox from Opera. In fact, it’s the antithesis of what Firefox originally represented.

What the hell went wrong?

The Switch To Google Chrome

google chrome Within the past 2 months, I’ve almost completely switched to Google Chrome as my default browser. It doesn’t give me nearly as many problems as Firefox. It’s quick, smooth, fluid, though a memory hog. However, I don’t mind the memory hogging if it means optimal performance. That’s exactly what Chrome has given me, picking up in areas where Firefox has become such a slacker in. In fact, the only reason I haven’t uninstalled Firefox is because of Feedly, my favorite RSS reader.

If Feedly ever makes it out of Firefox, you can be sure that Google Chrome will be the only browser to remain on my computer.

  • How has your Firefox experience been as of lately?
  • Do you think Firefox 3.5 will give me better results?
  • What has your experience been like?
Corvida Raven

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16 thoughts on “Is Firefox Falling Off The Bandwagon?”

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  3. I've got Safari and Firefox on my IMAC. The latest iteration of Safari has really slowed me down if I'm working over hours. Firefox doesn't. I've been using Firefox quite a bit lately to avoid the Safari hangs. Right now, sounds as though it's an OS thing.

  4. Am I the only one who has not experienced any issues with FF? I sometimes leave FF open for days and have never experienced any of the problems you mentioned. Now IE on the other hand…heck I can't even open it anymore since the upgrade to IE8, which is fine with me as I solely use FF (but there is a website that works a little better in IE, but I just live with it in FF). I haven't tried Chrome yet, but maybe one day I will check it out ;)

  5. Firefox 3.5 is better than the previous ones, but I totally am faithful to Google Chrome now. Waiting for the Chrome OS, it's only time that the browser is super speed thanks to the OS (oh, and an added bonus it won't be slowed down as much as my current Vista is). I use Firefox for my FTP support, but that may soon change since it's becoming a hassle just to open Firefox (okay, not hassle.. but it seems like an eternity compared to Chrome!!)

  6. Running Google Chrome all day long. Google Gears built in for added Google Apps juice (waved goodbye to MS long ago) and have now stopped using Firefox. No more *bloat* but I do miss the side bar.

  7. I have had serious screaming matches with Firefox since the beginning of this year. As you said, it crashes a LOT and it hogs a LOT of memory and I was restarting Firefox around once an hour / 90 minutes, which is completely ridiculous.

    I have Chrome installed as well but I can't quite make the complete switch over because of the Firefox extensions and Greasemonkey scripts I need to use.

    Why can't Google work out that extensions and scripts are probably the one thing stopping people from completely switching over? If they worked hard on this area of Chrome, I reckon LOT'S of people would then switch over 100% and Firefox would be in trouble.

  8. No, they just havent brought anything new to the table in a long time.

  9. I find that Firefox 3.5 works good with plugins that many blogs have installed

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  11. Same here, Firefox is getting really heavy and forces me to restart the whole PC every now and then, and similar to you, my only reason to continue using Firefox is that there are no, FoxNotes, and Download Them All plugins for Chrome :(

  12. Very articulate post! I feel the same way. You should take a look at the new Opera too. I've fallen in love with it. Fast, stable, feature rich. It's real 'software'

  13. I've nearly given up on Firefox, in favor of Safari. Not only is it faster on the Mac, but the bookmarks will sync between it and Mobile Safari on my iPhone. Thunderbird is the same way, too. I only use it on Windows & Linux machines now. On my 2 Macs, I use because it is faster, and it'll use the Mac's Universal Address Book (which is synced with Mobile Me, which syncs wirelessly with the iPhone)

    I mean…there's a few things I miss. Like Greasemonkey, and being able to use “/” to initiate a search. (I use vi as my text-editor of choice, so that seems like a logical key to me, versus, Command+F)

    Now, on Windows & Linux, I've still been using Firefox. Though, I've been using Konquer on my Netbook a bit more than Firefox.


  14. I totally agree – Chrome is incredible! It's my default browser now.

  15. I keep my heart close to Safari. They've been making some beautiful progress. Safari's built in web inspector is coming close to being just as good as Firebug.

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