Pay For Facebook Ads And Credits With PayPal

Today, PayPal and Facebook partner to kick Facebook’s advertising and developer systems into better shape. The partnership is a sign of help for businesses running campaigns on Facebook. Small international companies will be particularly targeted as, as 70% of Facebook’s 400 million users live outside of the U.S.

Why Paying With PayPal Makes Sense

Doing business on Facebook is about to get a lot simpler with PayPal as a payment option for Facebook ads and Facebook Credits. Think about it? PayPal is used in 190 markets with support for 24 different currencies around the world. Combine that with 70% of Facebook’s members that live outside the U.S. and you have a game changing move.

PayPal’s 81 million active accounts doesn’t compare to Facebook’s online nation of 400 million, but this is still a great move for both parties. Only a handful of games and app are reaping the benefits now, but you can expect everyone’s pocket’s to grow in this partnership, especially businesses.

PayPal, Facebook, & The Community

PayPal has 81 million active accounts, which doesn’t compare to Facebook’s 400 million online nation. So it’s easy to wonder if PayPal can handle doing business with Facebook’s extremely vocal community. Facebook is well known, but it’s not very trusted. They could always take the Machiavelli route and be feared. Either way it’s great publicity for an area that Facebook is getting its teeth kicked in: privacy.

Corvida Raven

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