Pumpkin Duncan Riley Demeans Women

Duncan Riley is off his damn rockers!

Plenty have said it and I’d like to promote it: you’re taking your job way too fucking seriously, Pumpkin Duncan! I’m sure it was upsetting to see a negative review with your name in it at the top of Techmeme for the entire day, while your own response only lived a brief stint at #2 before falling off the wagon. Get over it though!

You’re out of control Pumpkin Duncan Riley and Michael Arrington needs to fire you right now! Where is the hell is he at anyway?!

And all of this is because of a respectful correction concerning your tactics of “reviewing” social aggregating network FriendFeed! Are you kidding me? You asked a question and then got mad with the responses. You were wrong and everyone knows it! Swallow that ball of pride that’s much bigger than your brain at this point Pumpkin Duncan! Envy and anger isn’t nice to hold inside.

Demeaning To Women

If anything, a lot of women should be getting on your case after this entire incident. You’ve basically said you hate us in oh so many ways. You’ve called Louis Gray different names several times, most of which are demeaning not only to him, but to women across the web, in the past 24+ hours:

  • Louise – “Here’s the thing Loiuse,[…]” (and no this wasn’t a damn typo!)
  • Cunt – “So this Louis Gray decides that rather than attack my ideas, he needs to take me down a peg like some pious, self important c*nt.”
  • Twat – “[…] personally I think it just makes him sound like a self important pious twat, but hey that’s just me.”
  • Drag Queen – [insert drag queen here] oh but you can have a conversation darling [/drag queen], and this appears to be the part Gray thinks I’ve missed because I haven’t participated.
    Doofus that is the part that you missed!! And how self important do you think the man is? I guess it would take a ego maniac to know an ego maniac. Obviously your ego is huge. If you’ve got no problem shouting out these names, over constructive criticism to a man who’s more than worthy of your respect, I can only imagine how you treat women. Actually, I don’t want to imagine how you treat us.
    And if you call me a Drag Queen again or refer to me with this atrocious picture, you’re going to have some problems on your hand Pumpkin Dunce. Problems that Big Brother Michael won’t be able to help you with.
    So Pumpkin Duncan, use your own tool to throw stones next time!

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