Birding, Social Media

I Know Why Black Birders Sing

Last year, a friend began inviting me on her birding adventures. Over time, I grew to love it enough to bird on my own. To share my birding adventures, I made an Instagram account, @birdingwhileblack. I choose that name because I didn’t know any stories of racial violence against Black birders. But it was only […]

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Apps & Tools

The Wireless Connection Between Us And Digital Media

It’s amazing to see how today’s innovators are pushing the boundaries of technology. You probably have a few examples of companies or people you think are doing innovative things. How about a choreographer? You can add performance-technology artist Koosil-ja Hwang to your list once you see what she’s creating. 3D Environments, Dance, And Algorithms Koosil-ja […]

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Tech Opinion

5 Pain Free Ways To Connect With Gen Y Leaders

I am a mentor collector. It’s a goal of mine to have as many mentors as possible. From all over the US to Europe and Asia, I’ve been blessed to make many connections and turn more than a few of them into mentorships in one way or another. This is how I learn about business […]

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Social Media

Using Social Media to Get Out of Your House

If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been M.I.A. lately, you can thank Twitter for it. I love blogging. I love my online life and I appreciate the audience I have here on SheGeeks. However, sometimes real life interrupts. You sit at your computer all day, every day and then one day, you want to get […]

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