The Wireless Connection Between Us And Digital Media

KoosilJaIt’s amazing to see how today’s innovators are pushing the boundaries of technology. You probably have a few examples of companies or people you think are doing innovative things. How about a choreographer? You can add performance-technology artist Koosil-ja Hwang to your list once you see what she’s creating.

3D Environments, Dance, And Algorithms

Koosil-ja is a brilliant New York-based, Guggenheim Fellowship-winning choreographer-dancer with a multimedia performance piece you’ll never forget. Koosil-ja, and her team are pushing the boundaries of digital media and dance with a piece titled, Blocks of Continuality/ Body, Image, and Algorithm. The performance connects people and digital environments in an intensely unique way:

“My goal is to create a flow of a performance of integrated media, while the
image of the dance and dancers and the concept shed light on each other.”

The performance also addresses Koosil-ja’s continuous study of the “evolution of the body in the digital era and its realm of domain and identity.” using a system she developed called Live Processing.

Live Processing

“I create a network flow with body image and algorithm.”

Imagine watching 3 stories being told simultaneously that simulate our coexistence in both digital and flesh. This might be hard to wrap your head around, but Koosil-ja’s doing it with a performance technique/video system she developed called Live Processing (more here). The system has allowed Koosil-ja to create  a network body with 15 video monitors and 3 video movement sources.


Dancers are asked to develop an “invisible nervous system” outside of their skin that extend and connect their bodies and gestures to their digital environment. The treat for viewers is to see how each dancer renders movement unique from each other and each time they perform.

See It For Yourself

If you’re interested in seeing Blocks of Continuality/ Body, Image, and Algorithm in New York City, March 3 – 6, you can purchase tickets here. Dance Theatre Workshop (@DanceTWorkshop) in NYC will be setting the stage for Koosil-ja’s performance, which will be a treat in itself. What do you think about Koosil-ja’s live processing system?

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