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Pixel Buds & Pixel Buds A-Series Review

The Pixel Buds A-Series is the follow-up to the now discounted and original Pixel Buds. The price might be cheaper, but so is the experience of what was previously a decent alternative to Apple’s AirPods. Here’s a look into the Pixel Buds experience and how the Pixel Buds A-Series holds up.

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Google Chrome Comes To The iPhone And iPad

The Safari mobile browser for iOS has become a staple in the mobile industry. It raised the bar for mobile browsers and pushed the envelope on the standards that people who’ve owned an iPhone expect from native apps – not to mention the mobile web. Unfortunately, most of these benefits are currently limited to the […]

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Google+ Receives A Fresh Redesign That You Might Like

I have to be honest. I haven’t been the biggest fan Google+. I’ve been Circled over 11k times , but I don’t see much activity from users beyond sharing the same things they share on Twitter and Facebook. Most of the people I’ve circled seem to be more active elsewhere. Though Google+ original design was […]

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