Clear Out Old Or Suspicious Gmail Account Activity & Sessions

Google’s services are easily accessible from nearly every OS. Because of this, you probably log into Gmail from plenty of devices: phones, laptops, tablets or TVs. Google keeps a log of all that activity including devices used to access Gmail, the IP address, state, and when the access was granted. Here’s how you can use this information access account activity, identify and (temporarily) protect yourself from any suspicious activity happening in your Gmail account.

To access account activity, scroll to the bottom of Gmail in a desktop browser (or in desktop view on a mobile browser) and look for “last account activity” on the right side of the screen. Click the link that says “details”.

A window pop-ups showing recent account activity. Here, you can:

  • see sign-ins to your account listing the information above
  • set alerts for unusual activity
  • sign out of other sessions, effectively cutting active sessions

This is a good place to find the source any suspicious activity that might be going on with your Gmail account. I check this area once every other week just to be safe. If your account has been hacked, but your password hasn’t changed, this tip buys you just enough time to change your password and prevent being hacked again.

Corvida Raven

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