What’s Corvida Been Up To? ReadWriteWeb, Guidewire, & TheSocialGeeks Ep.2

Lately I haven’t been spending much time on SheGeeks. Normally, I post about 2-3 times a day. Those numbers haven’t been holding true for this week. So what’s been keeping me so busy? Here’s a run down.


Incase you didn’t know, I’m an official writer for ReadWriteWeb, one of the top 10 most linked to blogs in the world according to Technorati. I’m working with awesomesauce writers such as Grand Effect member Sarah Perez, Marshall Kirkpatrick and Josh Catone just to name a few. The team is great, but has definitely been keeping me on my toes!

Here’s a recap of the posts that I’ve written to date, maybe you’ve seen them around and didn’t know it was me :)

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Seesmic Goes Hollywood
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FreshAIRApps: A Premier Adobe AIR App Directory
Viewzi Takes Visual Search To Another Level
Will Google Join the Crowd With A "Friend Connect" Platform?
Why Filtering is the Next Step for Social Media
Facebook Answers MySpace Data Availability With Facebook Connect

Guidewire Group

Another fabulous internship. I’m officially working with the Guidewire Group. I’ve been working closely with two incredible women in the tech field, Carla Thompson and Chris Shipley. They really know their stuff! I’ll be working with Guidewire as a research intern to help find innovative startups to profile, fleshing out and updating The Guidewire, podcasting for DEMO.com, and a host of other great things. So, when I’m not posting here or on ReadWriteWeb, I’m most likely doing fun research for Guidewire. There’s also a post up on The Guidewire (Guidewire Group’s blog) welcoming me. Thank you, thank you! :D

TheSocialGeeks Podcast Ep.2

thesocialgeeks Myself and Chris Miller, aka Idonotes from The Social Networker, have finally gotten around to the releasing the second podcast for TheSocialGeeks. This time around we’ve reviewed Mento (no not the fresh maker), an unique social bookmarking service similar to del.icio.us and Diigo. So head over to TheSocialGeeks site to download the second episode. If you need a Mento invite, just leave a comment or Twitter me (@corvida). Also, here’s a link to my Mento profile.

TheSocialGeeks Podcast Episode 2 – Mento My Info


All in all, I’ve been very busy. I’m trying to find a balance so don’t worry too much. My posting may be a little hectic for the next week or so, but soon, a groove shall be found.

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