10 Reasons To Follow Corvida On Twitter

This post was inspired by Tad Chef of SEO 2.0, who was inspired by “5 reason to follow ArchDaily on Twitter”. Will you be inspired?

Corvida Raven Are you following me on Twitter? You should be if you’re not. I know that sounds arrogant, but I’m only being honest. First, hear me out:

  1. I share informational, inspiring, and awesomesauce content I find all over the web and within my social networks.
  2. I love ReTweeting good stuff.
  3. My avatar and Twitter profile are awesome. See for yourself.
  4. Images? Of course I share pictures!
  5. I love talking about the iPhone.
  6. Love social media, technology, or mobile-oriented conversations? I’m your geek.
  7. I ask a lot of questions. How else do you expect to get an answer?
  8. EverythingTwitter & The SocialGeeks Podcast updates and exclusives!!
  9. Check my #followfriday stats: I rule!
  10. You won’t find me more active on any other service.

There you have it! 10 reasons to follow @corvida. How about sharing your 10 reasons? You can do your own blog post and link back to this post one or leave your reasons in the comments! See you on Twitter!

Image Credit: Brian Solis

Corvida Raven

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