Twitter Finally Adds Bookmarks To Save Tweets For Later


For those that “like” tweets to bookmark them or use IFTTT recipes to save tweets for later, you might not need those hacks anymore. Twitter has added a dedicated bookmark feature to save and revisit your favorite tweets.

When you log into Twitter, you might notice a new share icon at the bottom of tweets (pictured in first image). Tapping it brings up the Share menu which now includes the option to add tweets to your Twitter bookmarks, found under the profile menu. Any tweets you bookmark are private. Not even the person who tweeted the tweet will know that you bookmarked it.

Use Twitter Bookmarks or Your Hack?

At this time, you can only add and remove a tweet from your bookmarks. The only way to convert previously “liked” tweets into bookmarks is to do so manually. So, if you’ve invested a lot of time into bookmarking hacks for Twitter they still might be worth keeping.

Hopefully, independent developers can provide tools to fill in this gap. Let’s also hope Twitter adds more features like grouping bookmarked tweets into collections and the ability to create Twitter Moments using bookmarked tweets.

What will you do with this newfound power? If you use a hack to bookmark tweets, will you make the switch to Twitter Bookmarks?

Corvida Raven

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