5 Creative Ways To Blog and Share New Content Using Regator’s iPhone App

Regator is my new favorite iPhone app. It’s been relocated to my dock becoming somewhat of an addiction to open first thing in the morning. It’s pretty hard to get out of too with all the great content it aggregates! So here are 5 creative ways you can use Regator’s iPhone app whether you’re at home or on the go.

*Warning: By continuing to read this post and using Regator, you may find yourself become addictive to the app and neglecting your priorities. You’ve been warned!*

1. Mobile Blogging

IMG_0097I hate to carry my laptop when I’m using public transportation, and Regator has made it easier for me to blog on the go without the power of my laptop. Using Regator’s share feature, you can email news to mobile blogging platforms such as Posterous right inside the Regator app. As long as you can email it, you can post it.

2. Finding New Blogs To Subscribe

Regator is chalk full of new blogs that you may have never heard of. It fits in with their mission of bringing you the web’s best posts from the web’s best blogs. If you’re tired of Techmeme or other aggregators full of the same blogs being populated everyday, Regator is for you! Just head to their ‘Directory’ to get a list of the blogs they’re aggregating or simply peruse the categories of news. You’re bound to find at least 1 new blog to subscribe to everyday that’s outside of your regular network.

Regator Share Feature3. Sharing On The Go

Not only can you mobile blog via the share feature, but you can also tweet or Facebook content too. You choose. *Note More services will be supported in the near future*

4. Keeping up with worthy popular news of the day

Admit it, you subscribe to tons of feeds and you drain your iPhone’s battery using Twitter all day because you hate to miss out on all the action. Regator cuts through the noise for you and gives you plenty of the top stories from the best blogs, including ones you’ve never heard of from a great selection of categories and subcategories.

Regator Trends 5. Trends That Are Worthy of Being Called…Trends

If you’ve started neglecting Twitter’s trends list and you’re still on the hunt for great, accurate trends, Regator’s app is the solution. Simply click on the trends icon and choose a category. Need more specific trends with a certain category? Choose a subcategory. You won’t regret it.


  • So what creative ways have you found use for Regator’s new iPhone app?
  • What do you think of the suggestions made?
  • What suggestions would you make?
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