How FriendFeed Became The Best Real-Time Social Search Engine

I almost laughed when I came to this conclusion and then I became really excited. Finally! Something very interesting happened , though I’m sure I’m not the first to have encountered it. I wanted to find out who the author of the blog Prevential is. So I headed to twitter search and proceeded to type do a search on one of his articles to see who tweeted it. Eventually, I hoped it would lead me to his twitter handle.

Side-note: I know this may sound a bit stalkerish to anyone that’s not a geek, but hey, I wanted more info because I liked Derek’s writings.

To my surprise, Twitter returned zero results for one of his articles that had over 50 comments on it:



Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that at least 5 people tweeted his article out of 50 comments that were left. I thought Twitter was trippin’. So I tried again. Same result. Then I thought “let’s see what Friendfeed can do about this!”

Low and behold:


The results extend back to numerous pages and reaches back past February 2009.

Now, focus on the bigger picture for a second…

Do you see what I see? 

  • How can this limitation of Twitter’s search offerings affect your company’s social presence in the future?
  • Do you still want to rely solely on Twitter?
  • Do you also notice the difference in the amount of work these services require just from the search perspective? Thoughts?
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