5 Time Saving Windows Live Writer Plugins For Bloggers

WLW Windows Live Writer is probably the most popular blogging software available for PC users (unavailable for Mac) and arguable one of the best blogging software out. I’ve used it for 99% of the posts made here at SheGeeks. There’s a lot of customizable options and plugins available for WLW, but I’d like to share with you some of my favorite plugins that every blogger using WLW will find useful.

Windows Live Writer Plugins

TweetMeme for Windows Live Writer – Tweetmeme’s button for tracking retweets to posts is more popular than ever. If you don’t want to install the plugin, but would love to add in a button to the occasional post, this plugin is just for you.

bitly Bit.ly for Windows Live Writer – Bit.ly is one of my favorite URL shorteners due to it’s analytics and archive feature for shortened links. Now you can automatically shorten links in your posts to bit.ly links. If you have an account with Bit.ly, this plugin will tap into your account to keep you updated on link stats.

Delicious Notify For Windows Live Writer – For the Delicious bookmarking fans out there, send your blog posts directly to Delicious when you’re done.

Facebook Photos for Windows Live Writer – Here’s an easier way of adding those Facebook uploads into your blog post directly from WLW.

Flickr4Writer – If you’re saving space and using Flickr for uploads instead, here’s a plugin to easily grab Flickr photos and insert them into your blog post. *Flickr account required


  • What’s your blogging software of choice?
  • If you’re using WLW, what are some of your must-have plugins?
  • Have you had a better experience with WYSIWYG editors? Share your experiences in the comments!
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