8 Mobile Tools To Keep Up At SxSW With Like A Pro

sxsw-mobile Tomorrow, I’m flying out to Austin, TX to speak again at SxSW Interactive! I’m have a Core Conversation on Online Identity After Death and Digital Wills. SxSW will be crowded, exciting, and frantic. As I pack and double check my mobile weaponry, I thought I’d share some tools that I use to keep up with all the hype. You can check out more tips and tools in “Tips to Survive and Thrive at SxSW“.

Do you just hate when you meetup with a friend for a panel and you don’t know where they’re sitting? Sitby.US solves that problem and lets you keep track of what panels you’re interested in going to. You can even subscribe or export your schedule to Google Calendar.  iCal, and Outlook. Sounds like a time saver to me!

If you haven’t signed up for Plancast and you attend a lot of events, you’re missing out on a world of opportunities. Everyone is here and tons of events are added everyday. It’s the new “Upcoming” with a larger tech focus. A lot of members will be at SxSW so this is a perfect meet and greet app for your online connections on the go.

Foursquare (or Brighkite or Gowalla)

You can’t escape location-based services. If you’re not using 1 of these apps, you can look forward to some awkward conversations at SxSWi. Everyone will be talking about what’s going on with these tools and you’ll want to be in the loop.  Don’t be afraid to participate Have some fun and check-in with everyone. I’ll be hanging around Foursquare and Brightkite this year.

my.SxSW iPhone App
If you’re using an iPhone you need to have the official app. It features a wide range of content that covers the entire event which includes film and music. It features live message boards, scheduling functionality, an easy way to exchange contact info with others, and more. If you didn’t bring business cards, or you run out of them, this would be a great backup tool to have.

Comfortable Shoes
SxSWi takes place inside of a huge HUGE convention center and a few hotels. You’re going to put some miles on your feet and your shoes will be your only hope for keeping up. Dress comfortably and bring comfortable shoes with you. I usually grab a pair of Converse sneakers. They’re designed to handle the wear and tear.

A Watch
Your mobile device is going to run out of juice because you’ll be doing a lot with it in-between panels. A common way to waste battery is to constantly turn your screen on and off to check the time or schedule an alarm. Investing in a watch to keep time will save your phone a few more minutes of battery life.

I’ll be wearing a black Casio G-Shock Mini (Amazon Affliliate) courtesy of Casio. My favorite celebrities wear them and it has an alarm so I won’t be missing a thing.

A Camcorder

creative-vado-hd_1 There will be moments that you’ll want to capture on video at SxSW. A camcorder always comes in handy and there’s plenty of camcorders out there that won’t break your pockets. The Flip UltraHD is a popular choice. I’ve been using a Creative Vado HD (given on behalf of Creative) because of Chris Pirillo’s Best Video Camera comparison post. The wide angle recording and long battery life is what sold me on the Vado compared to the Flip. Choose one that works well with the events you plan to record.

A Computer
I need your help on this one. I’d rather bring a netbook to lighten my load because of all the walking I’ll do at SxSW. However, you just never know how much computing power you’ll need.

Let me know what you’re bringing below in the comments.

Disclosure: There are Amazon Affiliate links in this post and my flight to SxSW 2010 is provided by Intel. I thank all of the companies that continue to support the endeavors of SheGeeks.net.

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