Diigo Social Bookmarking Upgrades Its Offerings


My favorite social bookmarking tool has just received a major upgrade, which was long overdue! Diigo was added some major changes to its design, and integrated features up to par with new heavy hitters like Evernote and Instapaper.

Bookmarking Enhancements


Diigo’s new toolbar for bookmarking now allows you to take multiple “snapshots” or images of the same URL. Snapshots are great for capturing revisions of a particular site over a period of time. They’re also handy for keeping images of the site you bookmarked if you need to come back to it later. Unfortunately, if you’re a Google Chrome user or using the diigolet this feature is not available.

Fully Searchable Web Pages

search icon Search the entire page of bookmarks, not just titles and tags. Enough said! In fact, I think site search overall has improved greatly.

Clean Redesign


Diigo’s new redesign sports a nice glossy finish to it, giving the services a more polished feel. Elements of site pages are reminiscent of Delicious, making it easier for those who are switching over. I still wish more would be done with the typography on the site.

Bookmarking Lists

Previously Diigo only sorted bookmarks by tags. This led me to use Evernote for when I needed to bookmark several articles that centered around a particular topic. Now Diigo has changed all of that by providing bookmarking list. This feature alone could stop me from using Evernote.

List: add sections and arrange the order in any sequence. (GoogleNote import support!)

WebSlides: play, browse, and annotate any list of URLs as an interactive slideshow! Unique to Diigo!

Better Mobile Support

Yeah, expect it to be on your iPhone very soon! They’re waiting for Apple’s approval. I’m hoping it supports a new way of bookmarking in Safari. The current way is too complicated.

Diigo Share Toolbar

Diigo has jumped on the toolbar bandwagon! Though not a link shortener, you can now share links via Diigo, “like” articles, save, or “bury” an article. Seems like they’re taking a page from Friendfeed (not Facebook) and Stumbleupon too.


chatAll in all, I think most of the new enhancements will cause me to be more active on the service. You can add me here: Corvida Raven’s Social Bookmarks. Stay tuned for an upcoming Diigo iPhone app review!

  • What do you think of the new changes?
  • Is their anything the service needs to improve on?
  • What social bookmarking tools do you use? Why?

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