How To Get Product Reviews On The Go Using Your Mobile Camera

image recognition Camera phones are an important part of the future of technology. The following apps will demonstrate with such clarity what half of Asia probably already knows. These are the apps I hope to see in the future as technology evolves. These apps are innovative.


TinEye Mobile Music by Idee

I’m a huge fan of Idee’s numerous search engine projects. They are awesome and great tools for bloggers when it comes to finding unique and creative images for your content. However, their TinEye Music [iTunes] app takes image recognition and user interaction to another level.

From The Site:

tineye mobileTinEye Mobile allows you to search for products using your mobile phone’s camera. Just take a photograph to start your search and view pricing and reviews for products.

Idée’s first mobile release is TinEye Music and is for iPhones only. The next releases will include books, DVDs/movies and games as well as support for multiple smartphones.

And boy does it deliver! The database behind this service indexes over one million visually “fingerprinted” music albums. They plan to bring this innovative service to multiple smartphones and also include searches for books, DVDs/movies and games. TinEye Music provides links from albums on iTunes, YouTube,, and Wikipedia. From song clips to reviews and bios, TinEye Music packs a lot of features in this app. Best of all, it’s free! Check out this demo of the TinEye Music:

TinEye Music App Demo




Where TinEye Music lacks topics outside of music, SnapTell picks up the pace by offering image recognition services for books, DVDs, CDs, video games. They offer product links from Google, Youtube, Wikipedia, Amazon, IMDb, eBay, GameSpot, Barnes & Nobles, and more. Chris found it to be pretty clever. I think it’s friggin awesomesauce!

Fortunately, SnapTell is available for free on the iPhone, Andriod, Windows Mobile, or just your average cellphone by sending any image to So it’s pretty accessible right now. Video demo anyone?

SnapTell iPhone App Review


And to think, all of this is now available at your fingertips with just a snap from your camera phone.

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