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SxSW 2009 South by Southwest (SxSW) is the end all be all for some geeks. I’ve heard numerous stories from colleagues and friends about the pure geek glory of going to SxSW. Oh the dreams I’ve had of meeting Amanda Gravel, Sarah Perez, Louis Gray, Wayne Sutton, Gaeia Brown and tons more bloggers and friends that I’d have to travel all across the U.S. just to see!

I know what you’re thinking, who doesn’t have this dream every year? Me, actually. I first heard about SxSW last year. It was the year Twitter made SxSW a priority.

UPDATE: See the crazy amount of Retweets generated here and here! Keep those retweets rolling in!


lolcats-funny-pictures-leroy-jenkins It’s as if geek credentials depend on this one event. I know that they don’t, but who doesn’t want to add hilarious SxSW stories to their repertoire? Don’t lie!

I want to meet the geeks on Twitter that I’ve only been able to connect with at a distance. I want to hear the secret tips that bloggers pass to one another after the panels end and the tweet-ups begin. Alcohol really doesn’t play an important role in my reasons for wanting to go to SxSW, but damn will it feel good to be able to drink with everyone now that I’m finally 21!

Most importantly, SxSW would be a trip outside of my normal surroundings. In my neighborhood, people aren’t interested in technology the way folks are at SxSW. You don’t even see the tech from SxSW in my neighborhood, technology that not only exists but spreads like wildfire.

It’s hard to find that type of spirit, community, and innovation overall so I’ll digress.

A Good Candidate For A SxSW Interactive Badge

winner-icon-starpoint In just 1 year, I secured a writing position at one of the hottest internet and technology blogs, ReadWriteWeb, and managed to make Fast Company’s Most Influential Women in Tech list. All this while still managing a podcast, Twitter directory, and keeping SheGeeks updated.

ReTweet Me

I’m entering the Blog World contest to win a SxSW pass/badge. I’m asking you to retweet the link to this post if you think I’m a good candidate for a free SxSW Interactive Badge:

The retweets will show up towards the bottom of this post.

Corvida Raven

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  3. Corvida,

    Good luck. I would love to meet you in person, so I hope you can make it down there.

    If you do, please get in touch with me. I'm rounding up a crew of Brazen Bloggers for a happy and hour and also to do a round table w/ P-Trunk.


  4. I hope you can go – but unfortunately, it looks like I'm not. I'm covering DEMO instead. In CA right now actually

  5. Of course you should go. Cordiva you school me on tech stuff on a regular basis. I hope I'll be seeing you in Austin. Please make sure to look me up if you go.–sukhjit

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