HP EliteDisplay E273 Review: More Room To Work Smarter


How many times have you turned on your small computer screen to be met with an overwhelming number of apps, browser tabs or documents stacked on top of one another?

If your answer is along the lines of “all the time”, you’re not alone. We cram a lot into 15-inches of space and spend an absurd amount of time hunting for the information we need. Sometimes, you just need more room to work.

That’s where can help. Here’s a look at how I use dual HP EliteDisplay E273 monitors paired with the Thunderbolt Dock G2 to create a seamless and clutter-free workspace.

This post is sponsored by HP. All opinions expressed in this post are my own and not those of the sponsor.


HP EliteDisplay Packaging

At 27″, one EliteDisplay E273 is more than enough screen space for most. However, two EliteDisplays feel as immersive as my flat-screen TV.

Micro-thin bezels surround the top, left and right of the monitor with a slightly thicker black bezel inside. Despite the bezels, the E273’s 1920 x 1080 Full HD screen stands out at every viewing angle, especially if you’re staring at two of them.

The bottom bezel displays the HP logo and a power status light on the far right. Underneath the status light is a row of buttons to turn the monitor on and access its settings.

Three of the most common input connections (DisplayPort, HDMI & VGA) can be found in the back, making the monitor compatible with a variety of devices right out of the box. There’s also a built-in USB 3.0 hub with two additional USB 3.0 ports. As a bonus, HP includes a cable for each input connection and the USB 3.0 hub in the box.

A very sturdy stand is also included, which serves a few purposes beyond holding the monitor. For starters, it has a gap at the bottom that helps to keep connecting cords out of the way. The stand can also be used to easily adjust the monitor’s height (up to 150mm), tilt, swivel and rotation with a push of your finger.

Overall, the EliteDisplay E273’s design is clean, simple and functional.


Setup is as simple as attaching the monitor to the stand, plugging in the right cord, and pressing the power button. The E723’s auto-switch input feature quickly recognizes which port has an active connection even when multiple ports have plugs in them.

Out of the box, the colors on the EliteDisplay E273 look slightly warm, but calibrating the monitor is really easy. HP provides a nice array of settings to customize the monitor’s color, contrast, brightness, power and more. There’s even a few viewing modes to customize the settings for different experiences (e.g. reading, low blue light, etc).


HP EliteDisplay E273 On

Having dual monitors may seem like overkill, but my experience has been productive. I finally have the space to spread my workflow across two monitors instead of cramming everything into one. I can leave apps related to one project on one screen and use the other screen for another project.

Typically, I have tabs full of research for a blog post on one screen, and a draft on the other. I like grouping apps for projects across monitors to work smarter and focus on one thing at a time. When I’m not working, I play Netflix on one screen while catching up on social media on the other.


HP Thunderbolt Dock G2 Monitor Pairing

Pairing both EliteDisplay E273’s with my HP Thunderbolt Dock G2 helped me create a seamless and hassle-free setup. I didn’t have to worry about whether my computer had enough ports or the right ports to power dual monitors. The Thunderbolt Dock G2 has two DisplayPort ports on the back, which is all I need. Using the ports on the dock also saves me the trouble of hunting through cables to connect another computer. As long as that computer has a USB-C port, I can switch out the Thunderbolt Dock’s USB-C cable and see my new computer on the same monitors.


HP EliteDisplay E273 Side

This pairing is the beginning of the perfect office setup for me. The Thunderbolt Dock G2 not only adds a multitude of ports to my computer, but also connects seamlessly with dual EliteDisplay E273 monitors, all while keeping cord clutter to a minimum. Coupled with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, I almost feel like I’m in the future when I close my laptop, plug in the Thunderbolt Dock G2 cable and see everything appear on these spacious EliteDisplays. It’s as if they transform my laptop into a desktop computer without adding any additional bulk or clutter. Almost.

This post is sponsored by HP. All opinions expressed in this post are my own and not those of the sponsor.

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