Imeem Music App Brings Today’s Hits To Your iPhone

imeem Today imeem tipped me off that their iPhone app is now available for download. Previously imeem mobile was only available on the Android platform for phones such as the G1 (T-Mobile). So how does imeem stack up against champs of mobile music such as Last.FM and Pandora?


Why I’m inlove with imeem

Let me first state that I’m a huge fan of imeem. Don’t get me wrong, I love Last.FM and Pandora. They’re awesome music services and their mobile apps are great. For me, imeem’s strength is in its collection of music of specific genres that other services seem to be largely ignoring. My biggest problem with Last.FM and Pandora is that they’re selection of music within urban genre’s such as rap, hip-hip, and R&B is slim.

I’m not referring to all that mainstream crap (though I enjoy those songs occasionally too). I’m talking about songs by artists such as T.I., Lil Wayne (his mixtape stuff), Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman, Yola Da Great, Young Jeezy, and Gorilla Zoe. I’m forever looking for songs that you’re bound to only hear in clubs  or are usually featured on a mixtape. Imeem has been way more helpful in finding my musical tastes than any other service.


The Good (Imeem iPhone App Review)

IMG_0021Imeem for the iPhone takes the radio station strategy that Pandora and Last.FM are using for their iPhone apps. Imeem gives you plenty of radio stations to choose from. Upon opening the app you’re presented with many featured stations. My favorite featured stations are Spotlight, Discover, and Top 100.

  • Spotlight features new and notable artists
  • Discover plays recommended music for you
  • Top 100 plays this week’s hottest songs on imeem

So far the Discover station has been great for finding new songs that actually match what I like to listen to. I continue to use Spotlight for finding songs from other genre’s and Top 100 to keep up with what’s new but rising to fame. If none of the Featured stations catch your attention, you can always listen to your Favorites via the Favorite Songs station or create a custom artist station.

You can buy songs through iTunes, email, favorite, or skip  a nice amount tunes (there’s a limit) from the app. However, no social networking integration with Twitter or a way to add songs to your playlists.  Songs also feature an information button to learn more about



Bad & Ugly

IMG_0022 I’ve been waiting a long time for imeem to hit my iPhone. What I really want from the service via an iPhone app, hasn’t been given. However, I understand that this strength can be a financial weakness. So, I’m not surprised that can’t search their catalog for specific songs on the iPhone app. This is a big deal for me, and something that Last.FM and Pandora also lack. Can someone leave a comment explaining why this isn’t available in ANY mobile music app?

As the iPhone is a very visually appealing system, I find myself indifferent to imeem’s UI  and album art work images. Fans of album art will be disappointed in the quality of the images. It substracts from the visual appeal and experience of the overall application.

There’s no accessing playlists that you’ve previously created, though you do have access to any songs that you’ve uploaded to the service. So far I haven’t seen a limit on skipping songs and I’ve pressed skipped every 3 songs for the last 13 songs. No limit is placed on the amount of times you can listen to material that you’ve uploaded. So, can I just upload my entire library to work around this?


A Good Entrance

The amount of features that I love and the things I’d like to see improved on are pretty equal. It’s catalog keeps my interests more-so than the iPhone app itself right now. However, I don’t understand the difference between clicking all day on imeem’s website to play specific songs, versus tapping my iPhone screen to do the same? Is there a legal issue behind this?


Still, imeem’s recommendation engine also feels better suited for my tastes and it does a great job of playing some tunes that I’ve definitely favorited as a way of bookmarking to come back to. Do I recommend the app? If you’re a fan of the service and/or you’ve used it often enough, it should work great for you.

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