Smart Tips for Using Saved Searches On Twitter

When it comes to Twitter and other text formatted mediums, we’re constantly scanning all that information for specific keywords. We’re reading entire articles less and less due to time constrictions, or short attention spans. Keywords help to quickly figure out whether or not that piece of information is really worth your time.

With the recent updates to Twitter including the integrated search, I think it’s time you start taking advantage of the saved searches feature. This new feature allows you to save searches that you’re constantly performing via Twitter Search, and access them with just one-click.


Why Are We Saving Them Again?

Well for one, they save time. Despite this, I’ve found the biggest benefit with saved searches to be networking. While it would be beneficial to see only tweets made within your network, saved searches give you the opportunity to branch out and make new connections. They help expand your network and build your reputation and brand. While I respond to many replies on Twitter, I also try to share links to content that others within my saved searches might find beneficial. It helps and builds your community.


What To Search For on Twitter?

However you first have to decide what to search for? That’s easy: the stuff that you’re always looking for in your Twitter stream! Anything you are constantly discussing or looking for information on, save it as a search on Twitter. I’m unaware of what the limits are, but so far I have 6 saved searches.

Also for those using TweetDeck, Seesmic, or other Twitter clients with group functionality, your groups have plenty of keywords waiting for you to find more information about. Use the keywords to find the conversations and information.


Filtering Distractions

I find that saved searches really help me worry less about groups that in the Twitter clients on my desktop. The Twitter website is the most portable Twitter client ever and saved searches help me take my groups with me wherever I go. They also help me focus when it comes to work. It’s too easy to get caught up in some of the conversations on Twitter. Saved searches help me to weed out those tweets that would only distract me when I’m focused one a particular topic.


Get Funky With Keywords

Think of all the things people might say in a conversation that would lead to the information you’re trying to find. Extract the keywords from those conversations and see how they fair in search results. Remember, Twitter messages aren’t always SEO related, sometimes you have to think outside the box with your terms to find the best stuff.


The new saved searches have been nothing but a time saver for me. I’m sure I’ve also saved myself a couple of headaches for days that I’m not using my laptop or testing out another device. How are you using saved searches? Care to share any of yours?

Corvida Raven

A natural pioneer at grasping the rapidly changing landscape of technology, Corvida Raven talks tech in plain English on

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