Managing Money With Erica By Bank of America (Part 2)


If someone had told me 5 years ago that I’d be using a virtual financial assistant to help me manage my money I would’ve rolled my eyes. However, after spending some time with Erica, a virtual financial assistant by Bank of America, my eyes are wide with pleasant surprise. Erica is a new way to stay on top of your finances and all of your banking needs. With Erica, you quickly get an overview of your bills and pay with your voice (and a tap or two).

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We’ve come a long way from walking into a bank to make a deposit for family or friends. Now, Bank of America Mobile Banking customers can send and transfer money from their phone, and Erica makes this even easier. Just type or tell Erica, to “send money”to your friend to split the bill in seconds. Erica will even take you through the steps of adding your friend as an approved recipient by saying, “add someone to send money to.” Before you hit send, you can ask Erica for your account balance to make sure you’re covered.

I find myself often using Erica to grab my account and routing numbers for on hand reference. Instead of looking through the Bank of America app, it’s easier to just ask Erica or type, “account number” into the chat window for quick access anytime.


Erica makes it easy to manage your bills. To stay on top of upcoming or past due bills, you can ask Erica if you have any bills due soon or any past due bills. When you’re ready to pay a bill just tell Erica and with a few taps you’ll be all caught up.

Instead of jumping from one website to another to pay bills, Bank of America customers can add, manage and pay bills with Erica in the mobile banking app. There’s no need to wonder if a bill was paid or share your debit card and account information with multiple sites. Erica streamlines how I used to pay my bills with just a few commands.


Erica makes the Bank of America app even more useful and streamlines of a lot of features I already use to track my spending habits. It’s also saving me a lot of time and stress when it comes to managing my bills, as highlighted in this post.

All in all, Erica is off to a great start as a virtual financial assistant and likely to only get better with time.

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