Money Should Never Motivate You

One of my friends posed a question today: Does money motivate you to blog?

Everyone’s different. Some people have to pay the bills. I don’t really have that kind of financial responsibility. I’m single, with no kids, and I don’t spend money getting my hair and nails done every two weeks. So money isn’t really a big concern of mines right now. I now work with two great companies: Guidewire Group and ReadWriteWeb. While it’s nice to be paid, money wasn’t first and foremost in making my decision to join with these companies.

Why I Work for ReadWriteWeb

I was once told that one of the things that makes me so attractive as a blogger is that I don’t blog for money. I’m one of the few people who doesn’t. This allows me to have a certain amount of freedom that I wouldn’t otherwise have. My friend noted that I’m getting paid now. That’s not how I look at it. I didn’t come on looking for a way to make more money. I joined with ReadWriteWeb for the experience. Marshall Kirkpatrick and Sarah Perez are two of my idols in blogging. They have great voices, great opinions, and the best jokes ever! I wanted to be in that type of environment. I wanted to surround myself with such great minds in hopes that it would magically rub off. I wanted to learn and grow as a blogger and I felt that ReadWriteWeb was the perfect network for those goals. It’s not nor has it ever been about money.

Why I Work for Guidewire

With Guidewire, I explore a different side of technology outside of blogging. I get to see the business side of technology. I talk with CEOs and explore technologies that I may never use but are nonetheless fascinating. I really get to see the wave of the future working with Guidewire. With Guidewire I get to expand my knowledge, connections, career, and myself. It was never about the money. If I were unhappy with any of these companies I would quit. Point, blank, period.

Passion Should Motivate You

passion Passion is what motivates me. I have a burning desire to learn. All knowledge is worth having. I have a passion for technology and it’s important as a blogger to learn the ins and outs of the tech industry. I enjoy it and I revel in it. If money motivated me, I wouldn’t post the things I post nor say the things I say. I’d be more concerned about SEO, marketing, and writing more “professionally”. While I do try to improve on those things, I feel they’re more directly related to money and I’m not. If I wanted money, I’d go get a 9-5. Money has never mattered much to me. I’m more concerned about enjoying my life and what I do. When money motivates you, there are too many negative factors against you. You start to do things with no heart, no passion, and no personality. You’re only doing what’s necessary to make money. I see that as a problem and it won’t do you any good in the long run. You have to do things because you want to. Otherwise, you’ll be torn apart.

Corvida Raven

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