Mute Twitter Followers For A Limited Time With Twitter Snooze


It’s hard to resist the urge to unfollow people on Twitter that attend conferences. Sometimes these conferences – and content – are so far removed from the reason you initially followed that person and they’re long. That means you’ll be seeing tweets about a conference you’re not attending for days on end in your Twitter stream. Well there’s a solution to the problem and it goes by the name Twitter Snooze.

Twitter Snooze

Twitter Snooze allows you to type in a list of “tweeters” that you would like to mute for a specific period of time. It’s great for keeping those conference tweets quiet and you won’t have to remember to refollow the person.The Twitter Snooze website has a more devious use in mind:

It’s a nice way to get back at someone for saying something stupid… give them the silent treatment ;)

It’s a good way to ignore someone that just flooded your timeline for no good reason… but it was just a one-time offense and doesn’t merit permenant [sic]unfollowing.

Be warned that Twitter Snooze sends out an email to the user when you stop ignoring them (follow/unfollow effect).

If you don’t want them to know, I suggest skipping Twitter Snooze and looking for something else. Also, your passwords are stored in their database, though they are deleted when they are no longer needed – whenever that is.

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