Blogging Love: A-List Blogs You Should Be Reading

aasg It’s official: B-List is the new A-list. We’re taking over and making headlines for our contributions to this wonderful community we call the web (or blogosphere if you’re into ugly words). Steven Hodson of WinExtra has replenished his personal A-list bloggers, while Louis Gray lists 5 more blogs you should be reading, somewhat of a follow-up to his 5 potential entrants to the Techmeme leaderboard post.

I figured I’d shout out my list of A-list blogs that you should be reading including Steven Hodson(Subscribe) and Louis Gray (Subscribe)!


Corvida’s A-List Blogs

The Social Networker (Subscribe Here) My partner in tech crime! The Social Networker is a great site for social media and technology news and commentary. If you love SheGeeks, you’ll thoroughly enjoy The Social Networker.

Sarah In Tampa (Subscribe Here) A Grand Effect network blogger, Sarah Perez does a fantastic job of giving you a daily dose of social media tools and web 2.0 applications that everyone can use.

The Last Podcast (Subscribe Here) Another Grand Effect network blogger, Frederic of The Last Podcast gives great insight into some of the hottest topics being discussed within the tech community!

Mobigasmic (Subscribe Here) One of the greatest mobile gadget blogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading with plenty of eye candy and mobile app reviews!

(Jeff)isageek (Subscribe Here) Another great site with awesomesauce coverage of web apps and social media services!

Chris Brogan (Subscribe Here) If you’re looking business insight and commentary, Chris Brogan is your guy!

Queen of Spain Blog (Subscribe Here) With all the males in the tech community, you’ll love the Queen of Spain Blog for great insight and witty commentary on issues that plague women and mothers in tech and life! She’s a refreshing must read!

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