TwitPic Gets Redesigned

TwitPic, a great service for posting images to Twitter, has just announced the launch of their redesign on Twitter!

TwitPic Homepage

The homepage of TwitPic is now sporting a TwitPic GeoTag map, which features the most recent uploads that have been tagged with a location. Other options include tagging a photo with specific keywords. Of course, creating your own custom messages for twittering a picture still exists!

There is also a public timeline section that displays the most recent uploads. I noticed that if the photo has tagged with a location, you can click the location see it on a map similar to the one on the homepage, though this feature has yet to work properly for me. I haven’t seen further integration for other tags, but I’m sure this will be implemented in the future.

I was wondering if the public timeline would raise some serious privacy concerns, especially for those with private Twitter accounts. Fortunately, TwitPic’s developers thought the same thing and decided to give you the option to opt out of having your uploads shown in the public timeline. You can make this change in the settings tab on TwitPic. Though I have selected this option, there’s no way to tell if it really is in effect. There was no confirmation and the checkbox doesn’t remain checked. Developer Noah Everett has fixed this issue! The box remains checked.

Overall, there’s nothing major going on over there, but the new enhancements may be welcomed additions by avid users and fans of TwitPic.

Corvida Raven

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