Share An Item That’s Not In Google Reader

rss As much as I love sharing items in Google Reader (my shared items), there’s one maddening problem with this feature: you can’t share what you’re not subscribed to!

Actually you can, but it’s a very tedious process that not many people will put forth the effort to do. I remembered seeing a bookmarklet that did the same and after searching for it for 5 seconds I found it!

I introduce to you the "Share In Google Reader" Bookmarklet!

This bookmarklet automates the process for you by allowing you to share almost any item that you’re viewing without having to subscribe to the site’s feed. However, the author of the script notes that:

If the post is very recent, it’s likely that Google Reader didn’t index it yet. If the page’s title is not identical to the post’s title, select the title before clicking on the bookmarklet.

So if it doesn’t work the first time around, now you know why that might be the case. So far, so good on my end. How about you? Is this bookmarklet helpful to you?


This is from the comments section of SheGeeks. Louis Gray points out:

Hey dudette, that’s so January!

Add Items to Your Google Reader Link Blog Without Subscribing…

Google Operating System built it on my idea!

See: "Credits: the bookmarklet contains code from Google Reader’s subscription bookmarklet; based on a idea by Louis Gray."

My apologies, because I did see this,though completely forgot about it due to the fact that I was writing 3 articles at once and twittering. Obviously I’m not the best multitasker, but thanks for the correction Louis!

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